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About Us

was founded in 1971 with the idea that other people had experienced poor workmanship, as I had, and we wanted to give them the assurance that their valuable pieces would recieve only the best of care and expertise while being completely restored to their original condition.

One of the areas that we specialize in is the fabrication of obsolete parts that often are the demise of some “repairs” done in other shops. Fidelity also specializes in the complete restoration of watches, clocks, music boxes, antique barometers, and all other fine machinery, from simple crystal and hand fitting, to complete overhauls of complicated watches, including part fabricating, staff fabricating, and hairspring repair, re-jeweling, and re-pivoting.

Many years have gone into learning not only the trade of watchmaking, but also learning the history and the contributions to history the art of timekeeping has given us. Our company is well versed in the “masters” who’s contributions have led to the development of what we now call the “modern timepiece”.

Est. 1971 – Norman Croan, Jr. Pres.
5 Caron Rd.
Bedford, NH 03110
603-472-3860 (phone)
603-471-0724 (fax)

NAWCC Member Since 1979

   Welcome   |   Watch And Clock Repair   |   Sales And Purchasing   |   About Us   

Fidelity Restoration Service
5 Caron Rd.
Bedford, NH 03110
phone: (603) 472-3860

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